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Artist Opportunity

Are you a dedicated Christian artist eager to broaden your audience and connect with fellow believers? Look no further than Christian Music App. We provide a distinctive platform for Christian artists to showcase their talents and promote their music. Join our vibrant community and benefit from daily rotation of your tracks, extensive exposure, and the chance to promote your latest releases, all at no cost to you. Our app boasts a committed community of Christian music enthusiasts actively seeking soul-stirring, faith-based musical experiences. By featuring your music on our app, you not only gain exposure but also have the opportunity to connect with listeners who share your values, nurturing a deeper connection and growing your fan base.


To learn more, please contact us at

 Additionally, artists must submit an MP3 version of their songs purchased from Amazon to ensure compliance with royalty payments. Any other form of MP3 will not be accepted. Join us today and let your music inspire and uplift souls around the world.

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